Gather the Circle

Over the past several years Giving Voice has used the PeerSpirit Circle to facilitate many of our gatherings.  We thought it was time to refresh our skills and dive in deeper! A small group gathered at the begin of May to enhance their practice and had a very fruitful experience. Sisters in the Giving Voice Network are invited to  sign up to extend your learning/practice. Read more about The Circle Way.

Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea are authors of The Circle Way and Christina wrote Calling the Circle which is a circle classic written in 1994. They've been teaching circle dialog practices and practices of being in circle council ever since. They offer sound insight into how to help circles to be healthy including building agreements, use of the guardian role, use of center, and roles of leadership in the circle.  You can view a few short videos on the core components of calling a circle here: "Calling the Circle."