Avanti – Moving Forward

During these last six months, I have been searching for a new ministry, one that involves environmental education. The liminal space of not knowing where and what I would be doing is a hard space to be amidst the busyness of writing resumes and cover letters, job searching, and interviews. Yet, I knew I needed to remain in that uncomfortable space. So this spring when I received my copy of the LCWR reflective journal entitled “Avanti!”(Which means “forward” in Italian) many reflections resonated with me. 

There are two elements in the reflections that spoke to me about my liminal space. First that of waiting in hope and faith for the unseen future and second moving forward at the same time. While this may seem paradoxical both elements were present in my ministry search. I needed to be rooted in prayer and patient and yet doing the work necessary to allow the future to come to fruition. I love the line from Bea Eichten’s, OSF reflection on page 17 that says, “God hears my “Yes” and draws me forward.” This is where my passion for care of creation intersects with God’s call. That call has drawn me forward to find a ministry at an eco-justice center allowing me to work in a life giving ministry in collaboration with another religious community. 

As you continue to read this newsletter, you will hear how Giving Voice is moving forward with Juliet Mousseau’s piece about representing Giving Voice at UISG in Rome and the findings from Plante Moran’s conversations with Giving Voice sisters and next steps. Avanti!