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2017 National Gathering Report

2017 Giving Voice National Gathering - Until We All Meet Again from Giving Voice on Vimeo.

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To view video We Come Your Feast from the liturgy, click here

To view other vidoes from the gathering please access our Vinmeo page here.

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More items will be added over the course of the next couple weeks as harvesting from the National Gathering continues. 

The following poem was written and shared by Sister Julia Walsh, FSPA, at this year's gathering. 


I am here
to recharge and listen,
  to dream and laugh,
   to keep hope alive. 

I am here
for collective wisdom and connection,
  for encouragement and support,
   for the world.

I am here 
seeking hope and visions,
  seeking relationships and collaborations,
   seeking a way to be Christ today.

I am here
because I love God and the world,
  because I love Religious Life,
   because together we are creating and living its future. 

We are here
gathering spirits,
weaving hearts,
sharing energy and fire.

We desire to
carry hope and light in the darkness,
   care for humanity and all creation,
    be God’s love, mercy, justice, hands, feet, ears, and voice.

So that we may
live the gospels and strengthen our communities,
heal divisions and build bridges,
    practice and become the emerging future of religious life.

Oh God, you are the longing in our hearts,

Christ, you call us to create the “Kingdom of God” on Earth,

Spirit, you guide us to love.

Here we are…

Poised to Lead!