#SisterSpeak & Prayer Service Celebrate Women Religious During National Catholic Sisters Week!

This year, Giving Voice teamed up with National Religious Vocation Conference, Communicators for Women Religious, Religious Formation Conference, and the Center for the Study of Consecrated Life, to both highlight Catholic sisters online with a series of video interviews, and create community at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago with a prayer service.

#SisterSpeak highlighted the following sisters and topics:

Sister Maria Cimperman, RSCJ, Center for the Study of Consecrated Life 
In what ways are Catholic sisters living out their congregational charisms in the Church and world?

Sr. Adriana Calzada, CCVI, Giving Voice
In what ways do Catholic sisters promote justice in the world? (Spanish)

Sr. Kelly Moline, OP
What is the importance of one’s spiritual life as a Catholic sister?

Sr. Gerardine Doherty, OLSH
How is prayer integrated into the lives and ministries of Catholic sisters?

Sr. Ellen Dauwer, SC, Religious Formation Conference
In what ways do Catholic sisters embody a diversity of ministries and callings?

Our prayer service was attended by many sisters throughout Chicagoland, as well as supported by the Catholic Theological Union Community. Jessi Beck, from GV’s Core Team delivered the opening call to prayer—here is an excerpt:

“We celebrate the over 47,000 Catholic sisters in this country: founders of schools and hospitals, artists and activists, first responders and spiritual guides, and others from all walks of life. We express our gratitude to all those who responded to a dream, came before us, and made this moment possible. We are also aware that there are over 700,000 sisters around the world today; we celebrate them as well. All are truly pioneers of the Holy Spirit!”

Click here to view photos from our NCSW Prayer Service in Chicago!

All #SisterSpeak videos can be viewed here!


A big thanks to everyone who came out Tuesday night and helped share #SisterSpeak!