Seasonal Reflections

[This Wiki Resource was started by an example that is posted on the public site. Feel free to add to it.]

Welcome to our fall reflection day. We gather in distant places, we are united in our prayer and in our different corners of the country where we are all experiencing the same season, fall.

Around us we witness the changing of the seasons from the heat and shades of green to the quiet turning of colors of the leaves to the radiant array of color. In its beauty, fall offers us a gentle transition to the frost of winter. During autumn we are reminded of the final preparations prior to the cold months of winter. As birds prepare to migrate south, squirrels prepare their winter hideouts with nuts, and leaves dance as they fall gracefully, we are invited to enjoy the beauty of the season and not rush in anticipation of the hibernation of winter. This time is one of completion, from the harvest that is picked from the womb of the earth to the dance of falling leaves that rot and become compost.

Today we are invited to reflect on the season of autumn. Take some time to walk on this brisk autumn day, listen to God speaking through the crushing of the leaves under your feet, migrating birds or the music of the wind. Following, you will find some prayers and reflection of the season that might help during a day of reflection.

We invite you to get together with someone and share the fruits of your contemplation.

Wishing you fall blessings and love!