Community News

Here are some openings and opportunities from members of the Giving Voice network:

Emerging Wisdom Courses:

Register for SELF Leadership: Lent invites us to reflect on our nature. We are invited into daily practices to help us discover the love that we are. Join our 6-week community of practice exploring the Neurobiology of YOU. Develop new awareness and practices rooted in understanding Neuroscience, Epigenetics, the impacts of trauma, and our Resilient nature. 

The inner state of the caregiver makes all the difference, our loving presence. The “work of awareness” guides every step of the way! Recognizing your internal state and having wise practices to shift gears.

Facilitator: Teresa Posakony. Teresa has worked extensively with faith communities and leaders from all walks of life. She teaches participatory leadership, circle dialog, and SELF Leadership.   She loves sharing about the NEAR Sciences as it helps us discover and uncover the love and brilliance we are, by nature. 

Visit for more information and to register. Cost $125


Eco-Justice Center Intern Positions Available:

Racine Wisconsin’s Eco-Justice Center, led by former Giving Voice Core Team member Rejane Cytacki, is looking for two young women to be live-in interns with four Racine Dominican Sisters.

For more information and to apply, visit:


LifeWay Network looking for long-term volunteers:

LifeWay currently has long-term volunteer opportunities open! This is for live-in host community members to support and accompany women survivor of human trafficking. Read on to find out more!

New York City alone has reported nearly 2,000 cases of sex and labor trafficking in the past 10 years. LifeWay Network’s Safe Housing Program is the only program in the New York metro area providing safe housing specifically for women survivors of labor or sex trafficking, who are domestic and foreign-born survivors.

When a woman arrives, she is welcomed into a supportive, caring environment that helps her continue along that journey through life enrichment, social services, and community life. The Host Community member is an integral member of the community to provide a safe haven and has the unique opportunity to interact and live with the residents long-term, contributing to the relaxed and home-like atmosphere in the house and providing a willing ear when a resident needs one.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity for community living in early 2020, please fill out our Host Community Application and email any questions to to be part of the discernment process!