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Lenten Reflection

As Lent was coming up on our Liturgical calendar I thought to myself I need a prayer connection with friends. And my second thought was how can I do this safely and who are those friends I can count on. I immediately thought of the Advent faithsharing and how well that went in December. I was not able to attend all of them but when I did attend it was a breath of fresh air and just what I needed. I immediately inquired about doing the same for Lent. I am so glad I’ve been blessed with the time and space to be a part of this and connect with my GV sisters!

Times like these definitely call for connection to good friends who I trust and want to delve deeper into my faith with. I cannot wait until we can get together again as a larger group in person, but even by Zoom, GV members share good energy with each other. The format is conducive to sharing and going deeper with each other because it is a short input time by different sisters each time then we break into small groups for sharing. In the small groups we share what is stirring in our hearts and minds. For me GV is always safe space to talk and I am grateful for that. In GV spaces I/we can share our frustrations and joys of this life together and we all get it! It’s refreshing for people to understand where I’m coming from because they’ve most likely felt the same way at one point or another. I think it is important to keep creating events where we can connect and share what is happening in our lives with one another. To all my fellow GV sisters reading this, please keep sharing your ideas on new ways to connect! The spaces we create are life-giving and I can assure you that I need them and we (as a GV community) need them.

This faithsharing time has helped me wind my weekend down and start the week off on a good note. I have been moved by the sharing that has happened each week. Each week I came away with a new awareness that enriched my prayer life. My Lenten journey had been enhanced by this connection each week and I hope all involved have felt the same. My final thought is what is the next way we connect? As of now we do have the writer’s group and an upcoming intercultural living training in the Fall. But if you have other ideas let me know and I’ll assist you as best I can to help create a space!