lupita vows

Coming to the Core Team

Please give a warm Giving Voice welcome to the newest member of our Core Team, Lupita Aguilar-Huanca, OLVM. Here Lupita shares her thoughts and feelings as she begins this new role.

The first time I attended a Giving Voice gathering was at the National gathering at Iona College, New Rochelle, New York. Seeing the diversity of sisters from different congregations and listening to their experiences of how each of them have been creating new bridges was helpful. This types of gathering was a beginning for me to be part of Giving Voice. Participating in all the conversations with different themes and especially in the 40s group retreat, both face-to-face and virtual, gave me many spaces to grow. Sharing with sisters of the same age and being able to listen to their struggles and their triumphs made me think that I am not alone. Many times it is difficult to express how we feel but in this group we have created a sacred space where we all help each other to grow personally, spiritually, and communally. These gatherings gave me the opportunity to say, “Yes” to the mission of Christ that continues at every stage of my life. For me, being part of the core team is another opportunity for personal growth and ability to exercise my leadership in a more participatory way. Because the future of religious life is a mystery for all of us, as young people we are afraid to take that step alone. But when you feel the presence of a sister by your side, those fears disappear. I hope that we continue to grow as sisters, collaborating, connecting and supporting each other in everything we do as one community. I am blessed to be part of this team.