An Active Advent

I’m so happy to share that I was invited to write an Advent reflection for Global Sisters Report.

Reflecting on Advent made me think about the star the magi followed. I’ve always liked the image of the star and the feeling that God is guiding me on my journey so that image became the center of my reflection. I wondered what it would have been like to be a magi the night the star appeared. As astrologers, the magi were trained to look for signs and divine messages. But what would have impelled them to take a treacherous desert journey upon themselves? What made the risks all worthwhile?

“Expectant waiting. These two words often describe Advent. This is our season of waiting and preparing for the birth of Christ. Our Advent calendars patiently count down the days, waiting for the big moment. We light purple and pink candles to mark each week and reflect on the peace, hope, love and joy of the season…” Continue reading my reflection here.