Are You an Edge Walker?

I’ve been thinking about edges lately. The edge of night and the new day. The edges of land and water and all the life forms that find home at the edge.

Are you walking by the edge of a road? Are you on the edge of a decision?

Are you between this and that?

We all walk the edge between what is and what is not yet.


How are you navigating those edges? These places of transition and transformation? Such liminal spaces, full of beauty and possibilities. 

Can be scary.

The edge of the proverbial cliff springs to mind.

Can be lonely.


My own physical edges have grown much more rounded than sharp, thanks in some way to the pandemic.


And perhaps also thanks to Covid I am now more appreciative of life living itself in me and inviting me to playfully explore the edge of all things.


Along which edges do you walk?


Isabel Rafferty OP

Madison, WI