Back to School

 After six weeks of remote teaching/learning (which occurred right after two weeks of Winter Break), we are now back in the classroom. Hooray! 

Covid continues to impact us, though. Pam, one of our long-time teachers who served in the middle school and high school, passed away from Covid on Tuesday. She and her husband Gordie both worked at our school for several generations of kids. We’ll have her funeral at the school on Saturday. There are a lot of grieving hearts…

Do you need any disposable diapers for your kids? Our parish is helping to distribute a truckload of disposable diapers that was donated through a regional grantor. We give them away every week after 11:00 Sunday Mass. Families are very grateful. I’m sure the diaper budget is a major line item! 

Speaking of grateful- this evening I harvested fresh, homegrown lettuce to prepare a salad. Yes, that’s right- the wind chill is -14 F but I am selecting choice tender leaves from the three window boxes in our living room. If you close your eyes as you eat it, you can almost imagine summer!

We are just over  halfway through our school year. The rest of February includes fractions with fifth grade math students, a unit on electricity with the fifth grade, and the inaugural implementation of our 3d printing curriculum with the grade 4 kids and their teacher. The littlest ones loved the melting beads from which we made tags to hang on bookbags. 

There is never a dull moment in my classroom, that’s for sure!