Being Nice and Kind

When I saw the above sign on Facebook it spoke deeply to me.  Perhaps it is all that has happened in our country this week or the loss of Alex Trebek.  This simple sign speaks to me of a world I would love to see.  Tim McGraw’s song, Always be Humble and Kind evokes the same sentiment for me.  It seems so simple yet it is nearly impossible for us to do.  Perhaps taking one small step each day will bring us closer to a world of peace, joy, and hope.

Hearing the news of Alex Trebek’s death today brought a real sense of sadness for so many people.  Many expressed their gratitude for this life well lived. In several interviews Alex credits his popularity from the reality that he just kept trying.  When he first announced that he had stage 4 cancer there was tremendous shock yet he vowed to fight it and he valiantly did.  Ten days ago he filmed his last Jeopardy show which will air near the end of 2020.   I learned so much watching his show and will miss his poignant messages and his zeal for life.  May we take a moment to celebrate his wonderful life and remember to never stop learning.