In-between, yet again

I was indulging in some winter self-care the other morning, a February necessity. Sure, there are thoughts and memories of spring, but not yet any visible signs presenting themselves in nature. We are straddling that spaceā€”the in-between of winter and spring, as the feast we celebrated on the first day of this month, Imbolc, reminds us. Imbolc marks winter’s midpoint, and it is also the Feast Day of St. Brigid of Kildare, that wonderful woman saint who you’ll remember by her miracle where she turned water into beer.

I’ve made it pretty clear that winter is not my strong suit, but I am trudging through. I haven’t been outside yet today, or checked any official measurements, but by simply looking out the window, it seems as though last night’s storm wasn’t as bad as predicted here in Erie. We pray for those in the south and midwest going through major power outages and conditions very much unseasonable even by winter standards in those areas.
The other day I smiled when I looked at the “divider,” as we call it here at the monastery (it divides the dining room and community room), and saw this very visible reminder that we are in-between winter and spring…a poinsettia and a daffodil! Ha! Yes, there is snow outside, but it is no longer completely dark as we leave evening prayer these days.
We are on the way.
Let us walk in the holy presence.