Call to Overcome the Desert, a reflection on Luke 4: 1-13

 Greetings to all!

As part of the prayer schedule here at the CDN, once a week on Sunday, we, as novices and directors, take turns preaching or sharing our reflection on the Word.  It is one of the greatest blessings for me as I am able to listen to others and to practice deeper contemplation on the Word and listen to God speaking to me in the present.  Below is part of my reflection from last Sunday March 6th, Lk 4:1-13. 

How many of you have experienced God’s presence with you and God’s help to overcome the struggles when you reached out? How many of you have experienced a time when you felt distance or separation from God and others when you failed to choose the right choice?

Lk 4:1-13 told us about Jesus’ experience in the desert of making choices and how he overcame the temptations by holding tightly to God and the Word of God. Jesus trusted in the love of God who was with him and filled him with the Holy Spirit. He was awake and aware of the temptations and his goal was to overcome them and to strengthen his relationship with God. The love of God and the Word took over and overflowed Jesus’ heart. This was all he had and this gave him the energy, courage, and strength when choosing between God and the earthy power and when facing the challenges of loneliness, hunger, and the desire to turn away from God.  He did not fall over the temptations and he overcame all.

After I listened to the Gospel, I asked, what about me? how about us? Do our daily choices help us strengthen our relationship with God and with others? Do they separate us or draw us together?  During Lent, I also hear God calling me and us to pause and to see where we are in relationship with God and with others.  Let us relook into our lives and examine ourselves.  Are we living out God’s dream and God’s goal for us? Are we living our lives as fully as we can and as God’s intention is for us to be? We can redirect or turn around if we are not, because with God it is never too late.

Dear God, please help us to be awake, alert, and aware of Your Presence in our midst and not to lose focus on You when we must make choices and face the trials daily. Please help us to open the eyes of our hearts to see your guidance in our every step, especially during this Lenten season. Help us not to fall into temptations that separate and cause us to turn away from You and others.  Please help us to overcome our trials as Jesus did and help us to reconnect with You, the source of life, who gives us energy, strength, and hope.