Called to Preach

Did you awake this morning wondering “Where am I called this day? this week? This life?”

In 1170 Jane de Guzman had a vision that the child in her womb was like a dog running with a torch to set the world on fire.  After his death in 1221 the world knew this child as Dominic, the hound of God, and the order that grew out of Dominic’s adventures as the order of preachers. The Order is to proclaim the word of God by preaching, teaching and example, while being sustained by community.  In 2021 preaching takes on many forms. How are you called to preach?  

On this day I awoke remembering that today is my turn to write the blog for Catherine’s Café.  What a wonderful call to preach!


I began by praying to God’s Spirit.  “What do you want of me to preach today?


I found a life of Dominic.*    It is an adventure story and a mystery story too.  The events that led to the beginning of the order of preachers are amazing.   I am amazed that I am called me to spend this moment with you and with the life of Dominic. 



Joan Duerst OP

Madison, Wisconsin