Celebrating the Weekend with
Homemade Soup
“Since COVID” has become a frequently used phrase marking a turning point in history. This is particularly true for families with children, whose lives were re-calibrated when schools closed in spring. 

As educators, we’re preparing for the kids to return to school in a few weeks. So, we’re celebrating, even as we fret and plan and worry how teachers (most whom are at high-risk) will stay safe in front of rooms full of students who are excited about returning, but who also can be carriers of sickness or even death. 

Celebrating has always been important. “Since COVID,” it might even be more so.

Celebrating birthdays, name days, or other key turning points has always been part of who we are as Salvatorians. This week, it was important to celebrate the turning of the year and the preparation for the new school year. So, we did!
Bonnie Haines, who is staying at
our convent for a while as her
housing situation gets worked out, 
celebrating her birthday with 
take-out from our local Mexican
restaurant. She works for the
Tribal Education Department
Celebrating summer evenings on Main Street
Celebrating the Saturday Before Teachers Start Back.
(L) Jeannine Metzger is the Principal at 
Enemy Swim School. (R) Bonnie Haines works for
the Tribal Education Department.

What are you celebrating these days?