The Dining Room

When I realized it was “my turn” to write a reflection for this website, I continued asking the Holy Spirit, “What is it you need me to say?”  The answer came around the table in the Dining Room as I ate breakfast with 3 other Sisters in the community.  

In the very act of sharing a meal together, we deepen our experience of community life.  It’s not so much the tales and ideas that are exchanged (although some of those conversations are quite delightful and engaging) or the joys and sorrows expressed as it is our knowing that we are together; and we are supported in whatever happens to all of us and each of us.  During the days of ministry at the Mound and especially when the day’s schedule becomes quite intense, this is the reason I look forward to meal breaks. 


Perhaps this is also why Jesus told so many stories about food and gathering with others to eat together. Jesus, being totally human, knew that in the very act of families’ coming together for dining and exchange of yarns and accounts, we deepen our love for and connection with one another. 


What is your experience of sharing meals?


Anne Sur OP

East Dubuque IL