Dominicans and Spring

This beautiful tree and friend of mine can be seen from almost every window in the home in which I live.  I have had the great privilege of watching the tree move into spring.  What a gift to see the dormant beauty of winter turn into springtime splendor.  First were the buds, then the flowers came, and now, the green leaves are moving in…

I am reminded that each part of our journey holds grace.  Each step we take is crucial and needed.   As 

Dominicans, we are called to be open to finding God everywhere.  During springtime, that means being open to finding God in the sunshine and in the rain, in the warm weather and in the colder days…wherever we turn, God is there.


How about you?  Where are you seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, or touching God these days?  


Peggy Ryan, OP

Dominican University

River Forest , IL