Feast of the Ascension

When I think of the Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord into heaven, I think of it as being on a Thursday as we always called it “Ascension Thursday.” But most Dioceses have moved it to the Seventh Sunday of Easter so many more Catholics can be present and truly celebrate this great feast.

I smile when I read the Entrance Antiphon because the Apostles got the same lecture my sister used to give me when I gawk at a new sight: “Men of Galilee, why do you stand there continuing to look up into the sky? Jesus, whom you saw ascending into heaven, will return the same way as you saw Him go up into heaven.”

Jesus’ message to the Apostles is “GO.” GO throughout the world and tell the good news: that Jesus died to prove his great, unconditional love for us. He rose from the dead with the promise that He will be with you and me until the end of the world. Yes, Jesus is truly living in each one of us as we GO spreading God’s love by loving and respecting others as we love and respect ourselves.

Written by Sister Caroline Clark, D.C.