Finding Monasticism in Pop Culture

I am not exactly sure when I started watching Schitt’s Creek, the comedy series that recently swept the Emmy awards. But I very much remember getting misty-eyed while watching the series finale, which is saying a lot for this gal who rarely sheds a tear.

If you haven’t watched or heard, the premise of Schitt’s Creek centers on a wealthy family, the Rose’s, who lose all their wealth and must relocate to a town named Schitt’s Creek, which they had once purchased as a joke. The family ends up forming relationships with the residents there and lots of great stories follow.

The other day my friend and I were talking about the show. She is currently breezing her way through and falling in love as I did. She had sent me a text the night before about a particular character, “Really cheering for Alexis and all her self-growth.” Young monk that I am, the word conversatio came to mind, and I thought of all the characters. Each of them goes through their own journey of conversion, of selfish to selfless, of greedy to giving, during the six seasons of the show. It’s one mark of a show that I know I am going to love. As we talked, she said that she has been paying to attention to the places where monasticism intersects with pop culture these days.
Naturally, the other two monastic vows came to mind: obedience and stability. And there’s lots of that in the show, too. In the relationships formed, the family learns to listen to people that they normally wouldn’t even give a first chance…obedience. And they grow deeply committed to the community there, creating strong bonds and contributing to the greater good…stability.
Without giving away anything else, let me highly recommend Schitt’s Creek to you!
Let us walk in the holy presence.
fun socks I received in the mail yesterday…
a beautiful example of someone committed to conversion, obedience, stability.