During these COVID-19 days, in our Motherhouse dining room, we are sitting at tables of two so that we can social distance.  One of the results of this is that we are able to have great one-on-one dialogues with our Sister diner.  Today at breakfast I had a notable conversation with another Sister I did not know well.  I asked her what was new in her life.  She responded she had watched the movie “Les Miserables” yesterday.  I inquired what she liked best about the film.  She said – forgiveness.  She recounted that one of the main characters who had injured so many people could not accept the forgiveness offered to him.  Ultimately, he took his own life.  


Lately, it seems that the theme of forgiveness is running through so many recent Scripture readings in the liturgy and references to our Constitution. 


When referring to Community, our Constitution says,

When values and goals are held in common, gifts nurtured, mistakes forgiven, when when persons are consistently and warmly loved, we grow together toward the ideal set forth by Father Samuel.


In addition, I am encountering the premise of forgiveness in books I am reading, movies, conversations, stories told at remembering services when a Sister dies, etc.  I thought I better pay attention to this.  The Spirit must be sending me a message.  


What images are entering your heart when you ponder forgiveness?

What stories are coming to mind?


Anne Sur, OP

East Dubuque, IL