Fratelli Tutti

The new encyclical brings the breadth of Catholic Social Teaching on human solidarity to center stage at a critical time, esp considering
  • the pandemic
  • the movement for Black Lives
  • the election
  • the climate crisis
  • the economic melt-down
  • the refugee crisis

We gradually come to know ourselves through our relationships with our brothers and sisters. Sooner or later, we will all encounter a person who is suffering. Today there are more and more of them. The decision to include or exclude those lying wounded along the roadside can serve as a criterion for judging every economic, political, social, and religious project.

If you are longing for an authoritative statement about what it means to be authentically pro-life in today’s world, take the time to read the original text.

If you are looking for calm in the face of chaos and hope in the face crisis, take the time to read the text.

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