Glimpses into our

Glimpses into our time at the CDN

A Warm greeting

Handing over

The Congregation Formation Representatives entrust us into the care of the Novice Directors

Our new Dominican community

Blessing our new home

Blessing our meal 

Food: a wonderful opportunity to share our cultures

Our first Guests

Our first Panel night

First day of School

On our way to the Chicago Theological Union

Games night

Collaborative Study 

The New Creation Story with Sharon Zayac OP

Contemplating injustice

                                                         The display at the Abraham Lincoln Museum 

Reflection day with Fr. Don Goergen OP

Shakespeare in the park

Nichols Park

Learning Crokinole from the experts

Enjoying a game of croquet

Labor Day

Appreciating Chicago’s skyline

Surrounded by the beauty of creation

                                                           Jubilee Farm: Ecology and Spirituality Center

Experiencing the hospitality of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield 

Experiencing the hospitality of the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa 

Taste of St. Julie at the St. Julie Billiart Parish

Experiencing the hospitality of the Vietnamese community and partaking of the fruits of their beautiful garden

Community celebration of Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence day


                                                                           August 31st 2021

Contemplating the last days of summer

                                                                              Lake Michigan