Happy Feast!

Today is the Feast of Benedict. (We will observe the celebration here tomorrow evening.)

For me, one of the most beautiful things about Benedictine spirituality is experienced in its appreciation for beauty. And it’s not necessarily “big” or “awesome” beauty like standing before a famous artwork or hearing a symphony performed. (Of course it is that, too, though.)

But often it’s simple, everyday beauty.
Yesterday I was turning the corner and looked into an office. I couldn’t help but smile. Surrounded by technology, the first daffodils of the season.
It was so ordinary, and yet those moments of routine, small joys have kept me going this past year.
The simple beauty of these daffodils signifies so much more: the return of spring, the glory of creation, the awe-inspiring diversity of the natural world.
Benedict calls us to live an ordinary life and make it meaningful. Happy Feast to you all! We wish you could be with us.
As for me, I’ll think I’ll go for my first bike ride of the season.
Let us walk in the holy presence.