As we drove around Sisseton for our Palm Sunday parade, I spotted a lot of houses with hearts glued to their front window. It turns out that this is a way to show solidarity and to say “thank you” to all who are protecting us these days.

I know it has meant a lot to several people that I /we are keeping them, and our whole world, in prayer in these challenging days. 

So, I dug out some color paper and grabbed my scissors and glue and decorated our front window too!

It says “Praying for U”… but I think I’ll have to switch out the black letters for red or white cuz you can’t really see the words.

Our upstairs neighbor (dad and young daughter) decorated their window today, too. 

Woooo weee! Ain’t we trendy out here on the tundra!!!
Are you going to join us and put hearts on YOUR window too?