Holy Surprises

In the past two weeks, I’ve been to a dentist and was privileged to be with a dying sister. Although certainly not comparable circumstances, one is often (for me) filled with some fear (dentist), the other with sadness. 

The dental hygienist was new to me. She spoke softly. Somehow, our limited conversation turned to the existence of spirits, blessings and to a providential God. She shared a beautiful story of her mother’s death and the many ways God spoke to her in the months leading up to it. I was deeply touched and grateful that she felt moved to share her story. From the unlikely place of a dentist’s chair, I was fed by the Spirit through this woman. 


Faced unexpectedly with her impending death, a sister wondered how she was to prepare for it. I pondered that for a long time, later sharing that wondering with a sister residing at the facility where I minister. After some thought, she quietly said, “I don’t know…I guess we prepare with our entire life.” How true! What a gift it was to hear that reminder, which I will keep tucked in my heart.


Blessings abound in our lives, sometimes in the most unexpected places and through unexpected people. May your days be graced with an awareness of holy surprises!


Kathy Flynn OP

Madison, WI