“From joy to joy”


“There are days we live as if death were nowhere in the background, from joy to joy to joy…”  Li-Young Lee

I thought of this quotation as I have experienced the joy, relief, sense of freedom, and the delight in the tangible presence of loved ones now that the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us – though I am aware of necessary caution.  It has been a going from joy to joy to joy.  I just helped my cousin celebrate her 93rd birthday, surrounded, finally, by people who love her and had longed for her delightful conversation, sass, spark, and tenderness – we truly rejoiced in that event – from joy to joy.   I am led to ponder, however, the deeper meanings to these days – what opens us, me, to joy?  How do I know it as God intends?  How is it different from being happy?  Contented?  How does being “in joy” open me to give, respond, step out more courageously, more generously?  We know that joy cannot be hoarded.  It must be deeply rooted, easy to recognize, and called upon, if need be, for sustenance and support through the hard times.  Be joyful!


Priscilla Wood, OP    

Dubuque, IA