Kinda cool….

 No pun intended, though it **is** a “Winter Award” for this year.

I participate in an online photography group called Viewbug that includes opportunities to submit photos for professional and hobbyist photographers to judge. Over the years, I have learned a lot by studying other photographers’ works, and have entered a bunch of contests and even placed in a few.

So, that’s what I will share with you today. This is the photo; it speaks to me of this Advent time of year. Looking back, looking ahead. Hope and expectation. The prickliness of our pasts and both the seeds of some future flowers and the reminder of the sufferings we must live with. 

Even as we anticipate celebrating God’s coming among us as Emmanuel with awesome joy, we realize that the reign of God among us is still an unfolding.

Below, I have pasted the verbiage that goes with the award. 

Yikes, that’s tiny even for YOUNG eyeballs. Let me translate it:

This award celebrates how your creativity has touched the community and influences today’s photography trends. It recognizes how your photos tell a unique story, capture our attention, and how you show memorable instants through your authentic perspective. Congratulations, we can’t thank you enough for sharing your creativity with all of us during these unprecedented times.