Lent, treating ourselves to a good watering

I believe we’ve been living a COVID Lent for over a year and counting.   Locked down. Restricted. Masked, and socially distant.   After some thought, I realized, we are much like my hardy garden veggies.  Transplanted from garden to pot. Placed in a greenhouse and covered in a mask of cloth.  The subzero temperatures like Covid threaten.  However all they request is to be watered!  
Lent is about greening, being watered, replenished.

This Lent let’s treat ourselves to a good watering. Yes TREAT ourselves. Turning ourselves inside out, to expose our Winter/ Lenten growth. Will Community, friends, church, world see our greening and be changed by our example?
We, like my veggies, are all Covid transplants. Don’t forget to water. Treat yourself. Our growth is already visible!
Caroline Sullivan, OP
DePere, WI