Letting Go

 I like to swim laps. I love moving through water and reminding myself of Catherine’s words, 

As the fish is in the water and the water is in the fish, so I am in God and God is in me.”


At the end of my daily swim, I turn onto my back and for a few moments just float on the surface. I allow myself to be conscious of the water supporting me and I practice letting go. I relax my arms and legs, hands and feet, neck, and head. 


I focus on my breath, each slow inhale and exhale, and I practice letting go. 

For one day I will need to let go of all things. I will let go of my body, of my final breath, deeply trusting that just as the water supports me in this moment so too in my final letting go, I am held and supported always in God’s love.


We humans are born with a prehensile grip and cling tightly to things. No matter how I may try to let go of things, plans, control, I find myself soon grasping and holding on again. I guess it takes a lifetime of practice.


We are above ground for such a relatively short space of time and have much yet to learn about our place in the cosmos.


Of what are we being called to let go? How am I invited to practice today?


Isabel Rafferty OP

Madison, WI