“Make the Path by Walking”

This past year, I have enjoyed being part of a group of sisters from all over the world who wrote reflection pieces for the Global Sisters Report. Sister Karlyn was on the panel last year. I am thinking many of you Sisters look at the monthly brief reflections the team of writers posts. They are good- I always find something worth reflecting upon!

Just in case you didn’t see this month’s, I’ll cross-post it here on this blog… so if you want to read and be inspired by the voices of sisters all around the world, you can simple CLICK RIGHT HERE. ? Keep going down toward the bottom and you’ll also see a photo I took earlier this spring at Sica Hollow, here on our reservation.

There is actually a LOT to reflect upon on that web site. What has touched me most deeply are the reflections and articles focusing on becoming anti-racist, as well as those reflecting on the impact of the COVID virus and how it has changed us in so many ways. So, I encourage you to click around and be inspired. 

If you are a good writer and willing to submit one article on a given theme each quarter, you can also submit your name for consideration for the 2020-2021 panel of writers. It’s so very much in line with our Salvatorian charism to be writing in collaboration with sisters from communities all across the globe!