Mercy Global Presence

This month I am honored to share an article I wrote for Mercy Global Presence, which is an ongoing reflection curated by the Mercy International Association at Baggot Street. The theme for September’s material is presence. Given the global nature of the Mercy family and the shared experience of the pandemic, I wrote about how this time of tragedy and loss opens us to see some things more clearly.

Mercy Global Action: Presence of/with/to God

The pandemic forced us to stop. It forced us to be still, to take stock, and to reflect. Without the routine busyness of our normal lives, we could see the poor and the sick, and the marginalized and the oppressed with new eyes. Covid-19 highlighted systemic injustices, inequality, and marginalization but is also drew us, individually and collectively, into the presence of God. Though the pandemic overwhelmed us, we can hear the presence of God- in loss, hope, and the new normal- calling us to build back better.

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