New Learnings

“I love the dark hours of my being.”  Rainer Maria Rilke
These uncharted times have shown a light on some new self-learning. Like many of you, I have less face-to-face contact with family, friends, colleagues. Even while I have managed to find good healthy activities (i.e. daily exercising, letter writing, phone calls, gardening) I have found this an inwardly quiet time.  Have sorted out my drawers and closets and papers, I find this a time for a new ‘self-awareness’.  
I’ve taken to pause with poetry.  I remember in new ways pieces of my family history.  I recall special moments of ministry and service.  And I find myself seeing them in new ways, with a fresh perspective. In a word, I have new HOPE. 
This has allowed me to have a new openness, curiosity and wonder.   How is this time deepening your self-understanding?  What are you learning ‘new’ about yourself and your history? What awakens your heart? 
KC Young OP
Kirkland, WA