Nurturing Seeds Sown


Nurturing Seeds Sown & Nurturing Plants to be Grown




“But as for the seed that fell on rich soil, they are the ones who, when they have heard the word, embrace it with a generous and good heart, and bear fruit through perseverance.” Luke 8:15


     Even though I don’t consider myself a gardener, I’ve begun to see myself as a “nurturer of seeds & plants.” There are the spiritual “seeds” that are being planted in me during this canonical novitiate year here at the CDN. And then there are the actual plants at the novitiate that I’ve been given responsibility to care for……. but, back to this part later.  

     Let me start with the spiritual “seeds” that are being planted, “seeds” such as deep listening, living into community and the vows, openness to new ways of prayer and contemplation, to name but a few. I hope that the spiritual “seeds” fall into rich soil, but that’s not something I can always control, so I give that part over to God. I try to water the “seeds”, but at times circumstances prevent me from doing that, so it is then that I hope one of my Sisters come to help me water my “seedlings.”  I know that some “seeds” take longer than others to mature and bear fruit, so I accept that I may not see the harvest, for now, of all the nurturing given to me while here at the CDN. But I will take these “seedlings” with me when I leave here and hopefully they will grow as I continue to discern my vocation as a religious sister. It will take much perseverance for this growth journey.


  As for the actual plants that I am caring for, because my room at the CDN gets lots of sunlight, my sister novices felt that it would be best if several “in need of nurturing” plants were kept in my room for a time. I was also given a flower bulb as a gift to “nurture” over the Advent season to see how I would do with growing it and growing my prayer life during this holy season. Along with the rest of the CDN community, I helped plant Jonquil bulbs here in Chicago to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Dominican Sisters here in the United States. I hope to be here to see the Jonquil flowers come up when they blossom. 

So, gardener or not, I am learning to plant, care for and nurture some of God’s budding creations, both literally and spiritually. And just like with my spiritual “seedlings”, I pray that God is watching over all his creatures, especially this budding one. Blessings for a fruitful Advent.