At the (often invisible) margins…

 Many of you know of my commitment to issues of justice- JPIC is the current acronym: Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation. You know that this has been a life-long passion and is truly a fundamental part of who God creates me to be.

If you follow this blog, you also know that I often share about the realities of cross-cultural relationship, racism, and even the “colonial-ist” world view so common where Indigenous cultures overlap with dominant white-European rooted cultures and the reality of white supremacy.

You may be less aware that I am also a strong advocate for disability rights- the equal human rights of people with disabilities. PWD is the common shorthand. “able-ism” is the related “-ism”. 

Across the globe, and even in the US (where some could certainly argue conditions are much more equitable for PWD than in most other countries), PWD remain so far on the margins that we aren’t even “counted” or noticed as a “minority group.” However, we’re here. 

I say “we” because I have been included in this “minority group” for many years because I am deaf. For the past couple of years, I have also been living with CIDP, and so have also joined the ranks of PWD who have mobility limitations. You may also be part of the group of PWD. If not, I’m going to suggest it’s really “not yet.” Disability is the only minority group any human can enter at any time.

One in four (26%) of adults in the US have some type of disability. This doesn’t mean all 61 million of us are “on disability” (i.e. qualifying for subsidy payments, a “safety net,” from public tax funding.) Many of us (including me) work full time (plus), earn income, pay taxes, and use no public benefits other than those that “TAB” people do. (“TAB” means “temporarily able-bodied” since most adults will, through aging or accident, join the ranks of PWD as they get older.)

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So… why am I chattering on and on about this?

I came across the following links from a blog called “Words I Wheel By.” I encourage you to take a few minutes and explore some of these. I suspect you’ll see the “systemic” aspect of able-ism. You might even see your own life through this lens. 

Racism. Climate Justice. Disability Rights. 

What if this is yet another area in which God could be inviting you to work for justice? 

What do you think?

==== the following are from Emily Ladau’s blog “Words I Wheel By” found at  and other writers (Not me) ==========

Disabled People Are Not Invisible — Even if Grant Makers Too Often Overlook Us (I wrote this one.)

‘We Cannot Afford to Ignore Disabled Voices:’ Changing the Way We Talk About Covid (A list of articles I curated that highlight key issues related to the pandemic’s impact on disabled people.)

Disabled Bodies Are…Weird (first episode of The Accessible Stall of 2022–the podcast I co-host with one of my best friends, Kyle Khachadurian.)

Working Definition of Ableism – January 2022 Update

The Care Crisis Isn’t What You Think

An airline broke an activist’s wheelchair. Her death months later amplified calls for change.

You Are Not Entitled To Our Deaths: COVID, Abled Supremacy & Interdependence

As disabled women, our lives have always been erased. But in a pandemic, they’re urgently at stake. 

A New Coalition Amplifies Disability Culture in the Music Industry (a “gift-link” from the New York Times, meaning it’s not paywalled) 

‘Risk No Matter Where I Go’: For Many Disabled People, a Future of Ever-Present COVID Is Daunting 

Disney Responds to Peter Dinklage’s ‘Snow White’ Live-Action Criticisms

Accessible Cars Aren’t Born, They’re Made 

At the Gate (a beautiful reflection on the manmade inaccessibility of nature)

The case for describing race in alternative text attributes (vital information on best practices for accessible images online)