Palm Sunday Parade

A parade.

Like in most of our world right now, we can’t gather with our faith communities for the start of Holy Week. All the churches here are posting their services to the internet. And, through efforts of the Ministerial Association, an interdenominational group of pastors in the Sisseton area, today we also gathered to witness our “hosannas” all across our little town.

Nearly 200 cars and trucks, many filled with families with kids, created a Palm Sunday parade. Some families decorated their car with signs and streamers, too. 

As we honked our way zig-zagging around town, people waved signs and palms from doorways, front porches and even sidewalks. 

What a cool way to “gather” safely to launch this holy time!

PS As we drove around town, I saw a lot of windows with paper hearts taped to them. I checked on this when I got home. Turns out that, across the country, people are showing solidarity, sharing prayerful support, and saying thanks to first responders, by putting up paper hearts.

I think I’m gonna go find some construction paper and decorate our front window!