Patience is an underrated virtue.

Tense, anxious, afraid, hopeful, cautious and now relief and joyfully optimism.

These are some of the feelings that have recycled through my system since last Tuesday. I’ve tried to let go but these feelings kept coming back.  It has been difficult to live with the unknown, to let go of a deeply desired outcome.


And yet I do know that change is a constant part of this ever evolving life on earth. I realize how attached I am to the illusion of being in control and am humbly aware that with Covid and election results, how little control I really have.


So I take refuge with a merciful God in whose cosmic embrace I am given life. I walk amongst the trees and by the lakeside and my perspective adjusts. I watch the birds feeding from the seed I have scattered outside my window. I watch them drink and fluff their feathers in the bird bath. They have no concerns about the elections or Covid. They go about their lives expressing in their very being the mystery of God.


How are you coping these days? What helps you find perspective?

Can you let yourself be held and loved by the one who created you as an integral part of this cosmic mystery? Can you let go? Can you trust that all will be well?


Isabel Rafferty OP

Madison, WI