Pentecost Blessings

A Psalm of Spirit
Miriam Therese Winter

Come, Holy Spirit,
rattle the rooms
in which we are hiding.
Shake the tired foundations
until the institution crumbles,
break the rules
that keep You out of all our
sacred spaces,
then lift from the dust and rubble
a completely new creation.
Come, Holy Spirit,
enter our lives,
whisper our names
and scatter Your gifts of grace
with wild abandon,
give Your silent strength to all imprisoned
by the structures,
and let Your raging fire be our sign
of liberty.
Come, Holy Spirit,
help us find ourselves
in vital places,
bringing Your word of freedom
to the poor and the oppressed.
We will remember
women were there
when You burst upon a waiting world
creating and recreating
opportunities for everyone
to feel and fear
Your face.

Let us walk in the holy presence.
P.S. The tomatoes have been planted…along with some basil, cilantro, parsley, and hot peppers! Thanks to Wild Field Urban Farm for the beautiful plants! Thanks to all our sisters for contributing to create our beautiful monastery compost!

And, if you’re ever in Pittsburgh, consider Tocayo. We ate some DELICIOUS tacos yesterday! Plus, we savored a perfect sunset on the drive home, while listening to a song with the words “Ego Loss” in the title. Thank goodness that summer will be here soon!