Pentecost Sunday


This Sunday we celebrate the feast of Pentecost. On Pentecost, we celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles gathered full of fear in the upper room in Jerusalem. This marks the beginning of the Church. 

“Peace be with you,” is the greeting Jesus had for the disciples.  Fifty days after Passover, the disciples are gathered in the upper room.  They believed in Jesus’ promise to always be with them and had faith that Jesus would send the Holy Spirit.  In all that they believed they trusted in Jesus’ ways.  God claims us as His own.  The Holy Spirit is our helper, our guide, our advocate, and we will not face this life alone.  We are called to go forth and witness to what God has called us to.  Called to carry the Holy Spirit’s flame be that fire of God’s love.

One of my favorite songs this day is Dan Schutte’s “Send Us Your Spirit.”  The words of this song speak deeply to my heart.  I share them here for your reflection as well as a link to a YouTube for your listening pleasure.  May this Pentecost fill our hearts with love, peace, and hope.

Send Us Your Spirit

Send us your Spirit, O Lord

Evening enfolds us and holds us too near

Wake the morning light; make our living bright

Shine on our darkness, O Lord


Teach us your wisdom, O Lord

Shadows have clouded, have crowded our sight

Give us hearts that see. Set our loving free

Hear us and help us, O Lord


Send us good summer, O Lord

Winters have chilled us, have stilled us too long

Give us love’s own fire. Be our true desire

Send us your Spirit, O Lord.