Pentecost Sunday


Pentecost is considered the birthday of the Church, the day when that first community of believers were baptized with the Holy Spirit and sent out to tell the world about the Risen Christ. The storm of the present pandemic is inviting all of us, whether we like it or not, to rethink how we live in this world. It’s also beckoning us to reimagine ourselves as Church, as that community of baptized believers who are sent to recreate the world.

Those early Christians did not know how to be church. When Jesus of Nazareth left the future in the hands of his followers, he did not present them with a handbook of how to do it. But he promised them his own Spirit to dwell with them and in them to be their hope, their comfort, and their guide. All they had to do was listen to the quiet, gentle voice in their heart of hearts that spoke of love and truth and mercy.

The most powerful message we preach to the world is in the way we treat each other, especially at times like this when we are afraid and tired and confused. “By this shall they know that you are my disciples: by the way you love one another.” This is where Pentecost begins. This is how we become the church.

On this Pentecost Sunday I share with you one of my favorite songs Dan Schutte’s, Send Us Your Spirit.  It is based on the Veni Sanctus Spiritus and offers tremendous hope.  Let us always remember and trust in the Spirit’s love and guidance as we seek to live as faithful followers.  Happy Pentecost Sunday.  

Send Us Your Spirit

Send us your spirit O Lord. Evening enfolds us and holds us too near.  Wake the morning light.  Make our living bright.  Shine on our darkness O Lord.

Hold us with mercy O Lord.  Sorrow has spoken, has broken our hearts.  Clothe us in your care.  Be the life we bear.  Feed us and fill us O Lord.

Teach us your wisdom O Lord.  Shadows have clouded, have crowded our sight.  Give us hearts that see.  Set our loving free.  Hear us and help us O Lord.

Send us good summer O Lord.  Winters have chilled us and stilled us too long.  Give us love’s own fire.  Be our true desire.  Send us your spirit O Lord.

© Daniel L. Schutte and New Dawn Music, 1985.