The plan was to go fishing for walleye…


In fact, Francine and I spent considerable time hunting for the “perfect spot.” We found a bunch… but the walleye had, apparently, decided that the hot sunny weather meant they should all go out into the deeper part of Lake Traverse… and since we don’t happen to have a boat of any sort, she was out of luck.

BUT, thanks to VR (virtual reality) all was not lost!! 

Francine enjoyed a full afternoon fishing for a variety of fish in both a virtual swamp (with virtual mosquitos) and a virtual lake! She caught a LOT of fish (virtual, of course) and even upgraded to a better fishing pole and reel.

(If the above video works, it will give you a peek inside what Francine sees in the headset… and how she fishes and catches! No need to watch the whole thing- it’s over a half hour of fishing!)

And this is a photo of the REAL Virtual Reality Fishing, from “outside” the headset! Yes, she is in the living room at the convent. Fewer mosquitos, that’s for sure!