From Point A to Point B

I have a cartoon drawing on my desk that serves as my reality check.  A straight black line goes across the paper with A at the starting dot and B at the end.  But also found at the A starting point is a different line with color and texture – one that loops and twists and swoops and crosses and recrosses that nice neat straight line – and when that line ends at the B dot  it has spelled out the word “LIFE.”  Why do I persist in thinking all my efforts and prayers and projects and plans can or should only work the straight line way I envision them when I start out at A?  What keeps me from enjoying – or even celebrating —  the loops and swoops and crisscrossing – instead of seeing them as obstacles or unwelcome detours?  This Easter season calls us to see the LIFE of the Risen Christ in our own lifelines. This Easter season reminds us of the call to constant conversion and not immovable certainty – aka a straight line —  the call to constant renewal and redirection, a call to embrace the twists and turns that mean life.

Priscilla Wood, OP

Dubuque, IA