Pollinator Sanctuary Project

Pollinator Sanctuary at St. Kateri Parish,
Lake Traverse Reservation
Sisseton, SD

We Salvatorian Sisters have committed to responding to Pope Francis’s call to care for Earth, our common home. We’ve already held some discussion groups and we applied for and received a small grant to encourage people to respond to his encyclical, Laudato Si, in our local spaces.

We realize that saving the Earth for future generations of plants, animals, and humans takes systemic change. But, we also recognize the value of small tasks, small learnings, that allow people to connect with the larger systemic issues.

That’s how our “Pollinator Sanctuary Project” came to be. We’ve sent out kits across the US. They invite people to step into Laudato Si by planting wild flowers native to their geographic location so that pollinators of every type can find a safe place to live.
Pollinator Sanctuary in container garden,
Menomonie Falls, WI
Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee, WI

YouTube video, featuring guess-who, 
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