A reflection from Lk

A reflection from Lk 3:1-6

“Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths.”

Have you ever helped someone preparing for their wedding or a big event in their life (like making first or final vows?) I happened to help my sister to prepare for her wedding.  Months before the wedding, she studied the doctrine of marriage, searched for churches, readings, and songs that were appropriate and to prepare for the ceremony, including food menus, wedding decorations, and much more.  Also, she made sure that she would be the most beautiful person at the wedding by controlling her diet, eating healthy, exercising, and of course she went to the beauty salon to trim and fix everything she needed to help her be her best at the wedding day.  With my sister, our family also helped to clean the house and everything we could think of in order to welcome the groom and his family…the biggest day of her life.

            The first white snow at the CDN.                                         Sunrise at the lake

In today’s readings, God also invites us to prepare the way for God, to “make a straight path” for God’s coming. Is it also the biggest day of our lives? Don’t you think God also wants us to be the most beautiful person God has created us to be?  Is it also our call for this journey?  I’ve known some of the sisters and brothers who are preparing for their vows or preparing for different stages of their lives in the coming year. Normally, we take time to prepare for the next stages of our lives so that we can be the best person wherever God leads us, like my sister for her groom and his family. She was happy, joyful, and filled with hope and love.

During the advent season, the church is inviting each of us again to relook into our lives, to quiet down, to listen, and to prepare ourselves while waiting for God’s coming. Many times, during my day when I have a chance to pause and listen, I can see God is constantly calling me to continue my journey in life with blessings, hopes, and love.  I am praying that God will help each of us to see and be able to listen to God’s voice within us and around us, as we approach the road ahead of us. I pray that God also gives us strength, courage, and wisdom in order to prepare for the next stage in our lives and to “prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths” so  “all people will see God’s salvation” through us.  Let us pray!