Reflective Moments with Angela May 2021

By Sister Marietta Wethington

May is traditionally a month dedicated to Mary. Mary brought new life to the world when she consented to being the Mother of Jesus.

May is also a month when we see a lot of new life in nature. The grass that has often been brown and dead-looking from the winter turns green and the trees have lovely shades of green after being bare for so many months. We see a lot of flowering shrubs and trees.

A tradition in our home when I was growing up was to have a May altar. I would use a statue or a picture of Mary which I placed on a small table and flowers that I picked from our yard or from along the roadside. At night, our family would pray the rosary kneeling in front of the May altar. 

Saint Angela Merici’s biographers tell us she had a great devotion to Mary. Her rosary beads were used so frequently that they were almost worn out.

What about you – do you have any special traditions for the month of May from your childhood? Perhaps you would like to go with Angela to the feet of Jesus and reflect on them. If you don’t have any traditions, would you like to start some now?