Reflective Moments October 2020

Pope Francis tells us that gossip is “a plague worse than Covid.” He goes on to call it a tool of the devil to divide the Church. 

Erma Bombeck tells us that some say our national pastime is baseball. She believes it is gossip.  

Eleanor Roosevelt says that great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people. 

Some people, perhaps those with too much time on their hands, have a fascination with gossip. Insecure people also tend to gossip. Why is that? Does it make them more secure to point out the weaknesses of others?  

Some of the evils of gossip, I believe, are that it breaks hearts, ruins lives, tarnishes reputations and shows no respect for justice. I challenge us all to lift EACH other up by being impeccable with our words. Perhaps it will help us if we remember Jesus is the spoken Word of God. Let us imitate Jesus in our words. 


What is my attitude toward gossip? Do I believe it is “a plague worse than Covid”? 

Does it make me feel more secure to point out the weaknesses of others?

By: Sister Marietta Wethington