Reflective Moments September 2020

In his letter to the Galatians, Saint Paul tells us that as we sow so shall we reap. We see a lot of reaping going on right now. Farmers and gardeners are reaping what they sowed earlier. At our meals we are enjoying fresh tomatoes, green beans and squash. Riding along the road, one can see soy beans and corn.  Two examples on a literal level. 

What about the spiritual level? We also reap what we sow spiritually. What do I want to sow spiritually? I want to sow positive thoughts, positive energy. I want to sow compassion and empathy. I want to always speak encouraging, uplifting and motivating words. Never words that denigrate. Words are powerful. They can break or heal another. I pray that I may always sow healing words.  

I want to sow gratitude. It has been said that every Christian’s basic attitude must be gratitude. Benedictine Monk, Brother David Steindl-Rast calls gratefulness the heart of prayer. Who would want to live outside the heart of prayer? Probably none of us.  

I want to sow love. Jesus was always sowing love. Saint Angela Merici was always sowing love. She told us to take our refuge at the feet of Jesus. What better place to find love. What better teacher could we ask for.  

I pray that each of us will sow the good things of life. 

By: Sister Marietta Wethington