The gardener in me is always grateful for the resilience of Spring. Each springtime I marvel how plants that in their dormancy looked nearly dead rebound back.  However, this year with the merciless reality of climate change I have discovered another side of nature‚Äôs resilience.  This summer with 108 plus degrees I have witnessed both the cruelty and tenacity of earth.  As I sit in silence with plants unable to receive their fill of moisture I pause to enter more deeply into the mystery of recovery.  

We are all learning more about recovery from a devastating pandemic.  We are actively pondering the devastation of centuries of white supremacy.  We are engaged in understanding the fragility of our republic.  Where do you find your resilience these days?  Me?  I gently observe how even a little water is slowly healing my garden.  And you?


KC Young, OP

Kirkland, WA