“the river that flows through our heart.”

As I was preparing to celebrate World Water Day, ahh that precious gift, I came across an article about a special river in Tibet that flows through hidden caverns and then eventually becomes a 3,00+ miles river in India.  That is a long trek. 

It reminded me of this ‘sheltering in place ‘waterfall’  so many of us have experienced this past year.  What is this sheltering river we have floated on and in?  What and how does it flow in my/your hearts?  
I have slowed down a whole lot this year.  I now take time to notice more and feel more deeply.  I walk more slowly and walk longer distances. Sheltering in place has invited me to do more quiet listening and to savor and pause.  I am less likely to jump to a conclusion.  I can even simply let myself be curious without having to formulate an answer.  
Needless to say, this did not happen magically.  I have found focusing on staying in the present moment has been key in developing this ‘renewed’ state of presence.  Ahh, sure there have been boring moments.  Now, however, I recognize this quiet and can listen with less inner noise or preconceived ideas.   What have you experienced sheltering in place?  What rivers flow through your heart?  What new places have the currents invited you into?  What places or learnings do you now see differently?  May the discovery renew our hearts.
KC Young, OP
Kirkland, WA