Self-less Service

At the CDN, we are being formed to embody the charism of preaching. We have had preaching practicums, where we learn about the “dos and don’ts” of proclaiming and preaching the word.  There have been many opportunities to preach with our lives. We have also been invited to proclaim and preach the word of God from the strategically placed ambo in our chapel. This is intended to help us to further grow in the art of preaching and to build our confidence.

In this blog, I will share my preaching for Monday, March 21st 2022 of the third week of Lent. It is a short reflection on 2 Kings vv. 1-15 and is entitled “self-less service”. 


Self-less service


It is challenging at times to forgive those who have hurt us. It is often more challenging to seek their best interests. The little Israelite girl was torn away from all that she knew and cherished. Her faith in God and God’s ability to work miracles were not diminished by her unfortunate life circumstances. She was able to look outside of herself in the midst of her own trials and see another. This little girl was able to empathize with her capturer. She recognized that he too was enslaved. He was enslaved by leprosy. The little girl willingly disclosed the key to his freedom, to those who kept her physically captive. She was spiritually free although she was bound in service to Naaman’s wife. This little girl demonstrated great faith and love. One can infer that she forgave her capturer because unforgiveness imprisons and restrains us from lovingly and generously serving others, especially those who have harmed us. This little one is a model of faith, hope and love. In the midst of her circumstances, she chose to serve in ways that glorified God.

Elisha also chose to serve in ways that glorified God. He could have refused to intervene when he heard that the King of Israel was distressed at receiving the king of Aram’s letter. Elisha could have refused to help those who had caused so much pain to his people. He could have judged them as being unworthy to receive God’s gift of healing. Since it was well known that only God could heal leprosy, Elisha seized the opportunity to evangelize: to lead the enemies of his people to the living God. Elisha allowed himself to be God’s instrument of healing and grace to Naaman.

Elisha and the little Israelite remind us that God’s love and mercy is for all of creation. I am often challenged to respond in love when others hurt or reject me. It is a humbling process, where I present my pain, fear and anger to God and ask God to help me to forgive so that I can love and serve in ways that glorify God. God gives us the graces that we need to remain faithful to God and God’s work of love even in the midst of our trials. We are also invited to demonstrate our faith in the living God by seeking the best interests of all whom God places upon our minds and hearts. 

Please know that I am not suggesting that anyone should accept abuse. If you or anyone you know is in an abusive situation, honour your dignity and life by seeking help from safe individuals or institutions, which protect vulnerable persons. Abuse is wrong and is not to be condoned under any circumstances. We are all made in God’s image and likeness and God’s desires that each of us is treated with love and respect. 

It is through our life experiences that we encounter God who desires to deliver us from all that imprisons us. It is through our daily routines that we not only encounter God but find opportunities to indiscriminately and joyfully lead others to God. Daily, we are invited to be present to the God of every moment and to be instruments of God’s healing and grace. Let us seize the opportunity today to joyfully serve God by selflessly serving all others.

                        The little Israelite girl: a model of selfless and joyful service to God through others